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Saturday, May 17, 2014


Snychros S700
Technical Specs :
Premium 50mm Driver
frequency response :10Hz - 22kHz
Maximum SPL: 117dB @ 30mW
Rated Power input :30mW
Connections: 3.5mm jack

What's inside the box?
1 pair of JBL premium powered over-ear stereo headphones with Li-ion Battery.
1 three button iOS remote/microphone cable and 1 three button universal remote/microphone cable
1 cable for USB charging.
1 Leather Carrying Case
Quick Start Guide.

this perfectly works for iPod, iPhone, iPad.

What I like about this headphone is that it can adjust to the genre of the music i am listening to. 

What I love about this Synchros S700 is that even if it's being used in passive mode or active mode, The S700 does not distort. the sound gets clearer as it gets louder. Even if you maximize the volume level. Let's talk about the Passive mode, Everything is equal in passive mode. but it represents the bass much higher than the normal headphones. and I like it because I am a guy who loves bass. plus you'll be able to hear every little detail of the instruments used clearly with a clean tone. 

I am a big fan of John Mayer, B.B. King, Norah Jones and all that blues to those melodic bossa nova. And those songs are perfect for my S700. Not only that it equalizes the sound better but it also makes me want to listen to every song without skipping a track. I love bass. I love the vibrations. I love how the every sound talks to me. 

The S700 has a unique look, according to my baby sister, it looks like an octopus. I love The grayish black color that gives the headphones an edgier look, there is also a white model. the steel headband features the JBL logo. Each Sides is very very comfortable with it's well-cushioned leather tht links up to the  headband's underside. What I hate about other headphones is that during long listening sessions, the headphones gets uncomfortable. But with S700, my long listening sessions feels very much comforting. I like the way it fits my ears and my head at the same time, it's not as heavy as you think. and for me, S700 is the perfect headphones for a person who loves to listen.

What I also like about S700 is that the cable is detachable, and two cables are included with the S700—both with an universal remote control and microphone, and the other one intended for iOS devices and the other for Android devices. 

The left JBL Logo, can be pushed to turn on or activate the LIVESTAGE DSP. 
What is the LIVESAGE DSP? let's just say it's a good kind of equalizer that will make you experience the sound of a live band playing infront of you. For me, this is the best feature you'll get from this JBL Synchros S700. It's not only a feature, but it is an experience you'll be able to get.
I recommend you to buy S700. It's the best choice for every music lovers.

Get this Headphones now at JBL Sound Gallery , Bonifacio High Street, GLOBAL CITY.

A review by Mikyle Quizon.


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