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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Harman/Kardon SOHO

SOHO Headphones
Technical Specs : 
Driver Size :30mm
Frequency response :16Hz to 20kHz
Connector :3.5mm

What's inside the box?

1 pair of harman/kardon On-ear stereo headphones.
1 remote/microphone cable and 1 cable
1 Leather Carrying Case.
Quick Start Guide.

this perfectly works for iPod, iPhone, iPad.

What differentiates SOHO to any other headphones? It's the sound quality that it gives. Also, I want to share you that this headphones can give you comfort with your long session listening. The ear cups are amazingly soft, that's why when i put it on it feels like im covering my ears with pillow.

Let's talk about the design. With it's leather finish on headband and comfort quality ear-cups, all I can say is that this headphones is all about class. It is sleek, has the luxurious modern edge, also made with stainless steel that matches it's high quality leather details.

Everything in SOHO is all about class and style. I was using my SOHO while waiting for a meeting to start, I was wearing a white polo shirt, dark blue trousers, and a black loafers and my friends noticed the headphones. I think my outfit became more stylish than it is because of it's sleek modern design. 

What I like about SOHO is how it blocks the sound from outside. Not all headphones can block the sound from outside specially when you haven't played a song yet. Let's talk about the bass, hi-mid-low treble. This headphones is built for relaxation, it's meant for relaxing songs. it's made to give a soothing experience. and the equalization of this headphones is more than relaxing. Why? The bass sounds like acoustic, but heavy. Enough to make you feel the vibration. While the treble is soothingly perfect. I believe that this is the signature sound of Harman/Kardon SOHO headphones. Every sound that you'll hear on your song will be emphasized and divided into rooms. Let's just say that the experience you will get from this headphones is amazing. You will hear your favorite tracks more specific and much better. 

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