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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Painted Rails

It has been raining all day here in Manila and I love it. The gloomy weather matches my outfit. 
I decided to wear a jogger and a shirt since the weather is a bit windy. Actually, I was having problems the photos we took because its too dark, but thanks to Pat (photographer) he brought an extra lens. Simpler lens. It made the photos look brighter and sharper. I love the mesh part of the top that i am wearing because it is shiny and very attractive. Since, I was wearing an oversized shirt, I wore a jogger to balance my look, the fit of my jogger is a bit loose on the upper part but skinny on the lower part. It almost looks like I have big legs. Since, I was feeling the weather, I felt like a shirt and a jogger was too simple, so I got a Red plaid shirt and wrapped it in my waist. It made my look edgier. I like how it matches the shirt. I though doesn't fit but it works so there you have it. You can wear this outfit with a sneakers too, i just prefer not being too sporty that's why I wore my derby. 

Don't let the rain stop you from wearing the things you want to wear.

It's not easy to take outfit shots when it rains. You have to look for a good spot. 

As you can see here, I am holding a black Lenovo Yoga tablet, this is what I use in order to keep track of my schedule. It's easy because it's like my mini computer. I'll be reviewing this soon!

This also works as my book and music player.

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(Details: Top, Jogger, TOPMAN. Plaid Shirt, SAMUEL&KEVIN. Shoes, H&M. Glasses, ALDO. Watch, NIXON. Necklace, THOMAS SABO.)

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