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Saturday, August 9, 2014


One of the main reasons why I love being simple is that everything is easy. I mean, you can just wear a shirt and tuck it in your trousers and look good. Or, wear an oversized shirt and wear ripped jeans. That's how I define simplicity. because I hate spending hours looking for what to wear, it's a waste of time. but of course, I am sure that everyone went through that already, I know the feeling of being confused. It's really hard. The other day, we attended an event and I wasn't sure if I liked my outfit and I wanted to change. But time was ticking. I knew I'll waste time if I look for another outfit. So I took out my Long sleeve shirt and wore a grey shirt instead. I looked into the mirror and tucked in my shirt. It looked very simple but elegant. Sometimes, Shirts and trousers can look very simple, but if you wear a pair of brogues or boots, your whole look can change depends on how you carry yourself. 

I wore these sunnies from Aldo to make this look more elegant. 

This was the bag that I got from SM accessories. 

You can def do all your FB plans bcos w/ a new Smart SIM, you get #7DaysofFreeFB! So what’re you waiting for, guys? #SmartFB7

Always feel comfortable specially when you know that you look good with your outfit.

Navy Blue trousers goes with Black or brown shoes. I love this trousers.

This is my watch from BenchTime.

Keep everything interesting. 

(Details : Top, TOPMAN. Trousers, ZARA. Shoes, ZARA. Watch, BENCH. Sunnies, ALDO ACCESSORIES.)

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