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Monday, September 1, 2014

Converse Launch

It is a classic. It is a legend. I'm talkinng about Chuck Taylor's converse. As a kid, I wore chuck Taylor's for my physical education subject, I wore chuck Taylor's when I went out with my family or friends. I wore it everywhere I went. I had the color yellow, dark blue, black , & red. It was from my grandfather's closet. ✌️ It's funny because at first I didn't want to wear it because it's old, and i didn't know that it was the in thing. The next day I went to school wearing my PE uniform, with my Red Chuck Taylor. And everyone noticed it because it was a classic. After school I bought a black chuck taylor, and I wear it everywhere I go. Nothing will ever match the comfort that Converse gives.

I cannot wait to shoot my outfit post for Converse! :)

Check out the newest collection of Converse! :)

I attended this event with Dani.

Converse is a big part of my teenage life, it's where I started to like fashion.

Going around the Event, I saw these Rubber Edition Chuck Taylor's. It is waterproof and the quality is outstanding. I like the color black and white. It's the classics.

I love how they designed the whole place, It was so creative!

During the event, I saw my tito walking around and we wanted the same shoes. The (rubber edition) Chuck Taylor. 

get a chance to join the #SmartJaDineDay on Sept. 20 c/o Smart Prepaid !

With our stylist and very supportive friend. Hi Rj!

Work doesn't feel like work when I am with this woman. i love you bubbie.

Thank you for always supporting Style Division 2014.

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