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Saturday, October 4, 2014

Behind the lines

After weeks of not updating my outfit post, Finally, I got the chance to shoot my favorite outfit. This is my birthday outfit. My bubbie choose this outfit thats why I love wearing this outfit. :) 

Behind my lines, things are going well, my October started amazing. I am excited for so many things this month. I am excited to share it with you guys also! 

Anyways, I wore this outfit because it was raining and I love this shirt because it keeps me warm. This outfit is inspired by Scott Disick.

(Note: To all the men out there who carries a handbag designed for Men, Do not be embarrassed or feel awkward.) It's how the trend works! :)

(Outfit Details : Top, ZARA. Trousers, ZARA. Shoes, H&M. Eyewear, SM ACCESSORIES. Watch, VELOCI. Bag, SM ACCESSORIES.)

Thank you for always supporting Style Division 2014!

Photos by Alejandro Taag

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