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Monday, November 3, 2014


Photographed by toff Tiozon :)

 When I attend events, I love to wear creative outfits that expresses my style in different pages. Like let's say sometimes I wear head-to-toe leather outfit, sometimes I wear denim to denim outfit, and this time, Im proud to say that I styled myself out of my comfort zone. As you will see on my posts before, i was never into colors. I was always neutral, but I realized that how can my style mature if I dont wear different styles/trends. To make my look more interesting, I wore a socks from ICONIC SOCKS. This is my favorite Adidas ZX Flux (Leopard print). It is stylish, very comfortable, VERY, and what I love about this ZX Flux is that I can use it as the only detail in my outfit. Wear all black and you'd still stand out. ๐Ÿ˜

I wore a blazer from ANTHONY MORATO that totally made this look even more edgy. It is simple and sporty. Inside is a shirt that I got from GoodGuysClothingCo. I love the fit of the shirts they sell online, it's definitely one of my favorite stores online! 

To end things with a bang, I wore my favorite RAYBAN Clubmaster. Black and gold. And also I wore my new watch from NIXON, my gold 42-40 Chrono. It's my dream watch. ❤️

Ever since I used Ponds Men (Energy charge whitening foam & gel moisturizer) my shoots became faster and easier to publish. Because even if I don't use make up, my face is camera ready. Like with this shoot, after using Ponds Men Energy Charge Whitening Foam, I didnt feel any sweaty or oily feeling in my face, it feels as if there's a fan infront of my face because of the menthol. That's why I wash my face with Ponds before shooting my outfit shots! ๐Ÿ˜Š try it now!

(Outfit Details: Blazer, Antony Morato. Shirt, GoodGuysClothingCo. @goodguysclothing. Denim, ZARA. Sweater, TOPMAN. Shoes, ZX FLUX ADIDAS. Socks, Iconic Socks. Watch, Nixon. Eyewear, Rayban.)

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