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Friday, October 31, 2014


 Photographed by toff Tiozon

 So I started thinking about how to style my blue ADIDAS ZX FLUX, i tried denim, No. I tried black tuxedo trousers, No. I tried shorts, Yes, but I want it to be edgier. I tried meggings, No. I tried joggers, And I ended up liking it. I loved that my outfit focused on 1 detail, the zipper. I was wearing a normcore fashion. Stylish but very simple. I wanted to emphasize the color of my shoes since it's the kind of blue that makes you want to eat it like a candy! You'll see three things in this outfit. it's simple, it has zippers all over, the ZX flux is more than what you think. 

Thank you to Adidasph, MiddleClassClothing, & NixonWatches,

Check out my outfit. :)

Toff said that my outfit is called "Normcore", Basic but egdy. 

This shirt is from Middle Class Clothing. I like this shirt because it is very stylish. specially that it has a mesh fabric on the end of the shirt. Also, you will see the sides of this shirt that has zipper details. 

(Outfit Details: Jacket, UrbanOutfitters. Shirt, MiddleClassClothing. Joggers, ZARA. Shoes, Adidas (ZX FLUX) )

I hope you enjoyed reading my post! #StyleDivision2014
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