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Monday, December 1, 2014


This is my 3rd post for #StyleDivisionDaily!
Style Division Daily, focuses on the things I wear everyday.
I will be giving you my thoughts about my chosen product if you should buy it or not! More like a product review. Still, the last decision is with you if you want it or not.

For today, I will be featuring my Leather Hand Bag for MEN from SM ACCESSORIES.
The first time I used this some of my friends didn't understand what I was doing, they were asking why was I carrying a handbag and that is normal because in our Filipino culture, we are not used to seeing men carrying handbags. We usually see men who carries sling bag, belt bag, arm bag, body bag and all that. but I figured, why will I adjust to what they want to see? I literally think that the small cross body bag for men aren't trendy at all, if you dont know what im talking about here check it out...

Yes, It is very useful but I don't think that it will make you look stylish. I'd rather wear a back pack or drawstring bag. For me, DON'T ever buy something like that.

Going back to the hand bags for men, If you're attending a business meeting, I recommend that you carry a bag like this. Don't carry a bag like this when you are not comfy because you will look weird. Sometimes when I attend meetings, I carry my favorite hand bag from SM ACCESSORIES. Here,

For me, It is very useful like I can put my phones here, Tablet, Perfume, Planner, Charger, and etc. 
I love that I can organize my things with this bag. :) Make sure to visit SM ACCESSORIES and check out their new collection of hand bags.

This is the inspiration of my outfit. :)
(photo from Huffingtonpost.com)

But ofcourse, it's still up to you if you'll get it. Opinion Matters.
What item do you want to be featured? Hit me up! mikylequizon@gmail.com
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