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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Chuck Taylor Story.

What comes to your mind when you hear Converse?
Shoes? Chucks? Purcell? All star?
Could be any. But with me, The first thing that comes to my mind is the word "Classic".
Converse is all about the classics. Many famous people wore converse even before they were successful. 
Maybe that's why Slash (from GunsN'Roses) got to rock his guitar even more?
Maybe that's where Kurt Cobain smelled his teen spirit?
Many of these famous people shared so many stories with Converse. Want to know my Chuck Story? 
I didn't know about Chuck Taylor until I opened my grandfather's closet. He used to be a professional boxer, his old closet was full of boxing gloves, boxing shoes, and more boxing accessories.. As I went through his things, I found boxes of his sneakers, Nike, Adidas, Puma, Everlast, & Converse. Then he went inside the room and asked me what I was doing, I told him that I needed a costume for school, I asked if I could borrow his gloves and shoes. 
"If it fits you, why not?" He said. 
So we opened the boxes, I found rare & vintage sneakers like a black leather Adidas superstars,
Nike Airforce 1, and all those colorful training shoes. but those were too big for my size. 
Until I got the Dirty ripped box that says "Converse". Dad told me about his Chuck Story, when he used to use it for his training, and he used it while he was flirting with women because Chuck Taylor was only available in the states back then. He told me that he had all the colors but then it was too old for him to keep and preserve. That's why the only colors of chucks that was inside the box was Yellow & Red. It was size 7. yes it was 1 inch bigger but it didn't matter. As I wear it, I remember the smile on my face was way more than happiness. It felt like I just found a treasure deep under. "Apo, wash it first." he said. Then we both laughed because it was too dirty. A day after, I used it going to school, for P.E. class, when we go out. I basically use it everywhere. Until I grew older, I realized I needed to upgrade my Chucks, so I asked my mom to buy me a black Chuck Taylor for Chirstmas day. I wasn't comfortable wearing the lowcut chucks, maybe because it was too simple for me? I know you wont believe me but with Chucks I learned a lot of things. Like play a guitar, Drive a car, play football, do daring things! :)) I will describe my childhood as "Dennis the Menace". But for some reason, Chuck Taylor made me awesome. It made me feel good about myself, Chuck Taylor Isn't just a sneakers for me. It's a story. It is the symbol of my childhood and teenage years. This is my Chuck Story. What's yours?

Check out the pictures of the Converse Press Preview.
It's been an artsy type of night filled with colors and memories. "Blank space" Think of these words and it'll give you creative ideas. Know how talented people collaborated with Converse.
To know more about the photos, make sure to watch the video from Hypebeast!

Hope you liked the photos from the Press Preview!
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