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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Inspiration: Tokyo Street Style

One of the trends that I personally love, Tokyo Street Style.
Thank you to Rosario & Dan from Status Magazine for featuring me on their blog. 
Check it out! #MEMOFashionGPS 
This outfit is inspired by their street style, I love how they construct their outfit, it's just so easy for them to pull off trends that aren't easy to wear. That's what I love about their style. They can looking daring but amazing at the same time. This outfit is very simple and I like it that way, I want to emphasize the print of the shirt that I'm wearing. it's a mini + that looks like polka dots from a far. I paired my white shirt with a Black skinny trousers to make my look more serious. This outfit can last for a day, it's either you take a jacket or a blazer and then wear it to your events. 

(Outfit Details: Top, MEMO. Trousers, MEMO. Jacket, Bauhaus. Shoes, Bristol (SM Shoe City) Eyewear, SUPER.)

Thank you for always supporting #StyleDivision2015

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