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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Prepare for Valentine's Day

Need a style guide for Valentine's Day?
but first, may date ka ba? haha If yes, read more about this outfit and impress your date!
I am excited for Valentine's Day! It's the day where I will be able to surprise my love and dress up nice for her. Do you have a date for Valentine's Day? :)

 Lately I have been too serious with the outfits that I wear, that is why I have decided to take it down a notch. I decided to wear an outfit that will be trendy but not too serious, just perfect for my 20's. The style that I am wearing here is my take on Robert Pattinson's look. It's the usual hollywood star get up. I've seen paparazzi photos of Taylor Lautner, Zac Efron, Nick Jonas, And other stars wearing the same look. In my opinion this is the safest way to dress up when you want to look good, not too formal, not too simple. It is just in the middle. When I attend events, I make sure that my outfit will be eye catching, I want my presence to be seen, but when I'm out, I want to look presentable but chill at the same time, I can wear tee-shirt and jeans but I always make sure that it will look trendy, but if not, my eyewear & my watch will always be my killer.
What I like about this outfit is that you can wear it in different styles, you can mix and match and play with it. Everyone can definitely wear this outfit! I suggest that you wear this for Valentine's Day! 

Read the captions for some random Style Tips! :)

Fix your hair. Make your date feel that you did an effort to look good for him/her.

Wag ka magexpect. haha

If you need help with what to wear on Valentine's Day! 
Make sure to register to Smart's Free Internet! Text FREE to 9999!
open your 3g/MobileData and send me a tweet! I will help you choose what to wear and what to avoid!

A Movie date is the best way to make good memories. :)

Since you have a week to save, make sure to pay for everything. :)

Wear your favourite shoes and impress her. :)

(Outfit Details: Top, Saturdays NYC from www.alvostore.com. Plaid shirt, H&M. Jeans, Burton Menswear. Shoes, Ralph Lauren from www.alvostore.com. Socks, Stance from General Store BHS. Frames, 9Five from Eyedeology. Watch, Jean Richards.)

I hope you liked my Style Guide for Valentine's Day!
Thank you for always supporting #StyleDivison2015

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