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Sunday, February 8, 2015


To start of this week with a surprise, I want to let my readers that I am fixing www.mikyle-quizon.com! I am making changes for my blog this month. ofcourse, I want to make it more interactive so I wouldn't bore you guys! I planned so many things for #StyleDivision2015 this month! So stay tuned! 

I want to start this Valentine's week with this Basic outfit post, this is my chosen outfit of the week, why? It's simple but very eye catching! I wore a shirt that will compliment my boots, but I figured that something is missing, so I got this wind breaker and things pretty much turned out to be more trendy & comfortable!
Denim & boots will always be my outfit killer!

(Outfit Details: Top, Saturday's NYC (www.Alvostore.com). Windbreaker, Nick Automatic. Denim, Burton Menswear London. Shoes, Converse. Belt, Diesel. Eyewear, BAPE (@Eyedeologyinc)).

Thank you for always supporting #StyleDivision2015
More surprises will happen this month so follow me on Instagram @mikylequizon!

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