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Sunday, March 1, 2015

Jack Purcell : Why get one?

As a menswear blogger, I have to pick shoes that will suit all my outfits. Specially on the days that I'll be attending day-time & night-time events. Wearing the New Spring 2015 Jack Purcell made it easier for me to style my daily outfit because of the benefits that it has. Style + Comfort is what you'll get wearing this shoes.
In my opinion, Jack Purcell is the kind of shoes you wear when you want to make others feel your laid-back-boy-next-door vibe. If you're going for a semi-formal outfit, wear a white button down, trousers, & Jack Purcell sneakers. Trust me, you'll feel like Zac Efron in no time. Haha. A friend/reader tweeted me, "Chuck Taylor or Jack Purcell?" Honestly, I couldn't reply. Why? How will I tell him/her to get both in just 150 Characters, Right? I need to explain, so here is my explanation now....

Chuck Taylor : It's a Classic. It has a different genre. It has the same Vibe as JP's but they have a different look. 
Jack Purcell : This is the Modern of Converse. Lets talk about being Casual but still looking dapper. Same Vibe as the Chuck's but it will always be different. 
"Put it this way, Chuck being the Bad boy. JP being the Good boy."
There's no options or choices given. This is Converse. Wear them sneakers! 

CONVERSE Inc. debuts the all new Converse Jack Purcell Signature sneaker, a modern evolution of the iconic silhouette with new features and benefits. Contemporary and innovative product features, such as two-ply duck canvas and a streamlined toe cap, add comfort as a key benefit and will revolutionize the way consumers feel and look in Converse Jack Purcell. As the most premium expression of Jack Purcell to date, the Converse Jack Purcell Signature is meticulously crafted, staying true to the core attributes of the iconic sneaker while delivering a more versatile essential sneaker.
Converse Jack Purcell Signature sneaker is now available for purchase for a suggested retail price of PHP 4,790.00, at Converse retail stores nationwide, in White, Black and Mason!
Get it now!

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