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Thursday, March 5, 2015

Blue Label

How do you pick your outfits? I pick mine differently. Im a perfectionist when it comes to what I'll wear. that is why when I dress up, things get messy.  There's so many things about me that not everyone knows, and I will share it since some of my tips will help. maybe? 
"6 things I do when I dress up"

1.When I match my outfits, I think about what I'll be doing for the day, If or I will be attending events, running errands or whatever. I make sure that I will look appropriate for the event. For example, I'll attend a dinner with my friends, I make sure to wear a polo shirt to give me that serious casual vibe. I always want to look serious, maybe because it emphasizes the look of my outfit. :)

2. I always browse for European Street Style online before I sleep, You know the feeling when you can't sleep because you have a field trip the next day? That's how I usually feel whenever I'll be attending an exciting event the next day, that's why I plan ahead. This happened to me when "Close up" invited me for an event that will be endorsed by Heart Evangelista. <3 

3. I love to shop, but it has to be worth it. It's like i'm preparing for a thesis every time I want to buy something. I have to think about the design, quality, where or what outfit I can use it. things like that. But I realized it's a good habit because I am teaching my self to become practical.

4. I love to fit clothes, and even if I am already wearing a nice outfit, I'm still not sure whether to wear or use the outfit, I always tell myself that "I can wear this tomorrow or for this day.. bla.. bla.. bla.." 

5. When I pick my outfits, I want my time alone. It's like I am reviewing but with clothes. There is this one time when I can't pick an outfit and Dani called like 4 times just to tell me to hurry up. I got pissed, So I got all my outfit and brought it with me. I made sure that I'll have choices when all else fails. Haha

6. I have no problem with repeating clothes, as long as it not the whole outfit. For me, The clothes I buy are my investment, that is why I take good care of it. Also, That is why for me repeating clothes is okay. 

This look was featured on Statusmagazine's Blog. 

(Outfit Details: Top - Trousers - Pants - all from MEMO.)

Photography by: Nikki Ruiz
MUA : Apple Faraon
Produced by : Rosario Herrera & Dan Buenaventura

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