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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Made By You.

This is Converse MBY (Made By You)
Made By You is an event where artists all over the world showcased their creativity through designing a pair of Converse. Collaborations from International artists we're displayed in the event, designs by Andy Warhol, Yayi, and more artsist, even designs from our local artists such as Kean Cepriano & Georgina Wilson we're displayed in the event too. There was a fashions show that featured the works of  Jeffery Rogador, Ulysess King, Melchor Guinto and many more. Some of the celebrities shared their love for converse like Tim Yap, Jacob Benedicto, AJ Dee and many more. I am an illustrator, one of my God-Given talent that not everyone knows. That's why I enjoyed the whole event not only that I love Converse Shoes but because you'll see the passion of every artists who collaborated with Converse. Every design has it's trademark that will make you want to design your own. "You are the Canvass and the color is your story." It's what I learned throughout the event. Every design you make reflects on who you are, the things you've experienced, your thoughts. Everything.
For me, this is a HUGE step for Converse because not only that they will boost the confidence of aspiring artists to make their own designs through Chuck Taylor Sneakers but they will inspire people to be different.
I will probably make my own design and I want you all to judge it. Soon! 

Going to the event, I wore an all black outfit and wore my boots from Converse. I wanted to look sleek so I made sure that my look will be perfect for the event. 
(Outfit Details: Top, Lyle&Scott. Bottom, Crossings. Jacket, ZARA. Shoes, Converse.)

Congratulations to the whole team of Converse PH! MBY was a success! <3
Thank you for always supporting #StyleDivision2015

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