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Thursday, April 9, 2015

Unwind with me

One of the simplest outfit post that I have for 2015. 
I Just want to share to all of you guys that I dress down too. One of the reasons why I dress down because it's hard to wear boots everyday. This is my simple outfit that you can copy specially when you don't feel like dressing up. I call it my "straight from the rack" outfit. How did I get the caption?
Okay, so I had to meet up with my friend to take me videos for my VLOG which will be posted here soon, and I woke up late, so the time was really important since he's busy doing other shoots too, I didn't know what to wear, and since I didn't want to dress up, I just took some basics from the rack, Jeans, Shirt (long sleeve), and my tassel slipper shoes. On my way there to meet my friend, I found my jacket in the car and guess what, it fits my outfit. It's not bad to dress down at times. Specially in my line of work where dressing up is a must. Everything that I wore here is so comfortable that you don't need to worry. Stylish and comfortable.

Let me give you some of my secrets when styling. 
Styling Tips :

The tassel slipper shoes that I am wearing is from Salvatore Mann.
Shoes like this is best things to wear specially if you want to look dapper or casual. I love wearing it because its just a slip on that you can wear and take off anytime you want. Im not saying that i'm lazy to tie my shoes but if you think about it, these slipper shoes with edgy details aren't bad at all, If you want to get this, go to SM Shoe City (SM MAKATI) and get this from Salvatore Mann for 2,500php.

(Outfit Details: Top, Zara. Jeans, Burton Menswear. Jacket, Memo. Shoes, Salvatore Mann. Watch, Nixon. Eyewear, SUPER.)

Thank you for always supporting #StyleDivision2015 <3
I'll be launching my first Vlog episode soon! So stay tuned! :)

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