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Friday, June 19, 2015

Happy Jogger Pants Day!

Happy Jogger Pants Day! This is my 2nd look for Publish Brand. Featuring the Two-Tone Jogger (white/grey) Paired with Hoodie vest (black), & Logo shirt (white) all from Publish Brand.

In my opinion, Publish Brand offers stylish and 100% comfortable jogger pants. I'm able to wear Jogger pants to my events because not only that Publish Brand is very stylish but the fabric they use are trouser-like. They've mastered a fit that only them can make and that is the reason why I invest on Publish Brand's Jogger Pants.

The Publish Brand's simplicity is what makes them stand out among other brands.

I am wearing the Von (black) outerwear. A French Terry Hooded Vest with a Moto Inspired Front Zipper. You might think that it's heavy but it's not. What I like the most about this Vest is the details. The side zipper and front zipper that you can close fully. But I like it looking like a biker jacket so I really don't close it. The design is simple that's why I think it's amazing.

Simplicity is what makes you outstanding. That's why I think I found my haven in Publish Brand. Like what I said from my previous blogpost, "Publish is not just a brand, it is a lifestyle".

Get this outfit now! Visit PublishBrand in Any branches of Rustan's and Sole Academy.
Again, Happy Jogger Pants Day!

(Outfit Details: Two-tone jogger pants, Von Hoodie Vest, White Logo Shirt, all from Publish. Bracelet, Rastaclat. Shoes, Vans.)

Thank you for supporting #StyleDivision2015

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