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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Inside Sentosa

Hello, July! Finally, the best month of the year has arrived. I''m excited to celebrate my birthday with my friends & family! I am also excited to receive the gifts I demanded them to give. But for all the things I have thank our Lord Jesus, I want to thank him for my Singapore trip. I made friends along the trip, I had a safe flight, I was able to think and sort things out, I was able to find my inner peace, to cut it all short, I am very happy. I've been receiving mails and messages from my readers about my posts and i'm very thankful for you guys knowing that you appreciate it! so Cheers to a brighter Style Division!

For my first outfit post of the month, I chose to wear White & Gray. I wore this outfit in Sentosa, Singapore and it really matches because they have so many establishments that are just plain. The outfit I wore is not only stylish, it's also very comfortable. I was able to go around Sentosa - Orchard with no hassle. the weather there is sunny so my look is just perfect. :)

If you're planning a trip, make sure to have an outfit like this inside your baggage. :)

 This Huarache is one of my favorite shoes I have in my closet, not to mention, the most important and valuable item I have. Thanks to my best friend from Canada! P.T.

(Outfit Details: Top, Bottom, Cap, Bag - H&M. Rastaclats - Regainph. Shoes - Nike.)

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