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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

#SDgoestoSG Part I

I travelled 1,486 miles to visit the amazing country of Singapore. Once again, I went around to explore the new tourists spots around the city.

Tall buildings, Designer stores, botiques, endless clubbing & dining experience, and the beautiful people of Singapore is the reason why I keep coming back to this country. If you haven't been to SG, Travel with me through the photos I took from the day I landed up to the day I left. 

This is PART 1 of #SDgoestoSG, Cheers!

As soon as I arrived SG, Eating was the only thing I couldn't stop thinking about, So I took a buffet in the hotel I checked in. If you're into spicy food, trust me, you will enjoy everything here.

After feeding my appetite, I went straight to Sentosa to buy candies and of course, a ticket to USS
(Universal Studios Singapore). Look at how beautiful the place is.

Seeing this gave me the feeling of excitement. The one you always feel as a kid.

I didn't know where to go first so I just followed the sign going left. 

Candylicious. This was my first stop inside Sentosa. Bought candies for my sibs. 30% was for them, 70% was mine. :))

After eating chocolates and sour gummies, I ended up lining up to buy a ticket for the next day. Worth it because I got the UFP (Good Deal Specially When You Are Alone) HAHA

After, I walked around Sentosa desperately looking for someone I know. Unfortunately, there was none.
There were so many Filipinos that I though I was in Manila. 

Eventually, I got hungry. So I went to the fast food place beside USS. I tell you, this place is heaven.
Curry me, Laksa, Chicken Rice, Nasi Lemak, and all the Singaporean Cuisine you can find was already in this place. I spent $$$ but I don't mind. It's the best. 

After, I needed to breathe. So I took a cab to ION Orchard. The start of the Orchard Strip. 
As I walk, I saw some sandwich Ice creams so I bought. I asked some Filipinos to take a photo of me. 
Unfortunately, my photos were blurred so I didn't post it. but for those who took it, Thanks!

One of my favorite shopping malls in SG, PARAGON. I go here to shop because whenever I go here, it's sale. I mean 70% Sale. 

Walking around the strip of Orchard didn't make me tired. I wanted to go to places and maybe because I was feeling it. But to tell you honestly, these NIKE AIR HUARACHE's made me do more things. 
It's very comfortable and very stylish. A local fashionista from SG even asked me where I got my baby.
Thanks to my Bestfriend. Cheers Pao!

I didn't want to keep on spending so I took the train going to Bugis. 
(Story: The first time I went to SG, I got lost because I thought all stations were all connected. To the point that I didn't bother to ask why it wasn't going to the station that I was planning to go.)
I was fun because I missed commuting. in SG. 

Finally, I went shopping. Local brands were here plus they were also on sale so I really took my time to go around and find pieces that I can wear for #StyleDivision2015.

One of the places that I couldn't ignore.

The last store I visited before dinner. Yay! Now my sister is genuinely happy. :))

I ate dinner here in Bugis food junction. I ate Korean Food. For a change. :D

If you're planning to go to SG, don't take a cab! Commute and explore the beauty of Singapore!
I hope you enjoyed my post! see you on the next part of #SDgoestoSG!

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