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Monday, August 3, 2015

Staycation: Citadines Salcedo Makati

To all my readers who greeted me a happy birthday, Thank you.
To the brands who sent me gifts & cakes, Thank you.
To all my friends who came to my birthday celebrations, Thank you.
For the sweet blessings I've received for the month of July, Thank you Lord Jesus.
To Citadines, You guys are my second home. Thank you.

Citadines Salcedo Makati - Apart'Hotel
148 Valero Street, 1227, Salcedo Village Makati
For bookings & reservations contact:
+63 2 550 3200 
or go to their website : 

I hope you enjoy my post! 

What I like about Citadines is that everyone will really make you feel at home. 
I remember them surprising me for my birthday, they sang and gave me a birthday cake. 
also, they went inside our room to sing since it's our 3rd anniversary.

I just had to work even if it's a staycation. 

So this is the pool/gym floor. This is my corner, Indoor Pool. It's very modern and I like the vibe.

I remember falling asleep in this spot. It was a very relaxing experience for me. Imagine if they also have a pool side masseuse. :)

Well, I was literally into the gym. In every Ascott Properties, Fitness is their number 1 priority.
When I went inside the gym, my jaw dropped. It's my dream gym for my house.

If you're not a gym person, You'll love it here. You can watch TV and listen to your favorite songs.

I like everything about art. 

This is my View.

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