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Thursday, December 20, 2012


Red Plaid Button Down from Triffer
Grey Pullover from Forever 21
Blue Trousers from ZARA
Boots from ZARA

This outfit makes me look like a good boy. LOL
I wore this outfit for a Christmas party. 
Too bad the sun was already gone when we started, sorry for the pictures. :)
Anyways, my outfit would look simple if i didn't wear the grey pullover.
this look would be perfect on special occasions, let's say that you'll have a date or maybe you want to impress someone you like. This outfit would totally make you look like a certified gentleman. :))
4 days til Christmas! Who's excited? :) I AM.

Btw, guys im selling my red plaid shirt. :) New Stocks are available but only Medium. :)
DM me if intrested. :) MERRY CHRISTMAS YA'LL

My grey pullover gives more color to my top and trousers.
it's fun to accessorize an outfit like this where you can put on anything. necklace, suspenders, or whatever. i chose to put on a bag I got from OXYGEN CLOTHING.
This was shot timog, near ABS-CBN :)
My favorite cut on bottoms. :)
I look fat here. :)

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