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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Bloggers United Year-Four

What can I say. BU4 was a success. :)
Thank you everyone for a great experience you guys gave all of us. 
specially to my readers who came up to meet me and told me how much I inspire them. :)
All of my readers inspires me too, specially when they tweet me good and positive things. 
It makes me feel like im doing a really good job. To those who bought things from our booth, 
super thank you guys. :) I wish I did a great job also on helping you guys out. :)
too bad i wasn't able to lower down the prices of my bag but who knows. :)
It was my first time to attend Bloggers United, and this will be an unforgettable experience that taught me lots and lots and lots and lots of things. 

btw, im still selling some of my bags. DM me if your interested. :D
Merry christmas everyone!

since i have no pictures, i stole some from my super swagger awesome bud Niche Dumlao. :)

And if you see me wearing sunglasses, 
it's because of Rayban :)

 Shirt that Bjorn created. :)
 the lovely couple. Gerd & Angel
 Tin & Kookie
 Paul was there also. :)

 Ral. :)
 Tracy & David
 Bjorn & Dani
 Hez, Miko, Angel & Gerd
 Shai and Seph, the two lovely couple :) my favorite couple actually. :)
 Im busy doing something. so hello dani. :))
 Cheyser. hello there. :))
 Vern & Verniece :)
 My parents. i love you both. Aisa & Mich!
 Ryan, Me and Dani
 Kelly, Mikyle, David, Tita (Lissa Kahayon's mom) Hez, Miko, Dani, Christine (the beautiful owner of cravemore)
 Kelly & Niche

Thank you everyone for the support! Specially @jahninenicole who dropped by our booth even if it was late already. :)

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