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Tuesday, December 18, 2012


This was shot in UPd by Gerd Perez... he's the best. 
Grey Vneck from HNM
Black coated jacket from F&H
Dark Denim Pants from ZARA
Black Boots with Red Sole from WADE
Little America Backpack (black) from Herschel (PHP5,490. Available in any BRATPACK STORES
I bought mine from Greenbelt 5. Follow them on twitter @bratpackstore
i love my herschelsupply and the comfort it gives me everytime i use it. even if im carrying a heavy stuff, the bag itself still manages to gives me the comfort that any other bags couldn't give.
Polarized Eyewear from RAYBAN (PHP9,490)
You know what's good with polarized Rayban's? Polarized Lenses eliminates glare, offering 100% protection from any reflected glare you might encounter. Also it gives more color to the things you see. it enhances your world. that my opinion. :) so spend wisely. choose rayban's that are polarized.

We had a shoot here in UPd for Gerd's Cravemore Collection.
We shot it simple and fast. :) me and Dani were his models. 
the necklace im wearing here is from Gerd's collection called the "Christmas Balls" :))
I'd lke to thank Christine Liwag and Gerd Perez for choosing us to be their models for this collection. :) 

My outfit here talks about dark and saturated colors. 
gray and black. Easier to be noticed specially with the place. UPd is surrounded by trees, filled with grass, and white walls everywhere. it's easier to fill up a negative or a dark vibe. :)
Im a guy who loves to play it dark specially on special events. i rarely wear something with color. maybe that's something i should keep up with. i love the idea where i can easliy match something without hassle. for me GREY, BLACK, & WHITE is the best choice. keep it saturated. :) 

I cant wait for Christmas. 7 Days Til Christmas. :)
What's your Wishlist? 

This is only my outfit shot. this is not the official photos of the Cravemore X Gerd Perez Collection. 

Lets all support Gerd Perez's collaboration with CRAVEMORE.

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