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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Highlights of my 2012.

There are so many things that happened to me in 2012, So many things that I couldn't remember it all. :)) the best things of 2012 was when i started out blogging. :)
awesome and then
YABU : This is the only restaurant where i eat tonkatsu, this is still the best place where you can have a good date or even spend a fun time dinner, for me. This restaurant offers nothing but the best foods.

I love my Energie Jeans Family, Success is what this brand gave us. 
QUALITY. This is what they'll give you.
STYLE. This is what they sell.
FASHION. This is their statement.
I love you oxygen for keeping us trendy this 2012

 Now, PUMA TIME (L-TimeStudio)
Who can forget about the awesome watches that puma gave us last 2012. 
They've released the line of their watches and i was one of the lucky bloggers who got one. 
I will never forget this event, this was the first event I attended alone. :) LOL
So this is where i met Lissa Kahayon :)

 ARACAMA, During NAT MANLAG'S event.
since the event haven't started yet, we decided to eat beside Prive, a restaurant called Aracama,
I can never forget this event because this is the first time we've tried Aracama. I know it's not of a big deal but hey, Aracama is really a good place to dine in. :) They serve filipino foods that are really awesome, like bibinka, stuff like that. YUMMEH

this is where i've met SEPH & SHAI :) 
and spent time with them. The awesome bloggers.
what i love about these guys, is that, they're not hard to talk to. specially Gerd. :D LOLLER HIPPER
i cant forget this awesome event.

Thanks to NiƱo for introducing us Pink Parlour. :)
Also, this was the event where I met, Verniece Enciso and Kat Valdez
I will never forget Pink Parlour because i've tried my first boyzilian here. LOLLL

Who wouldn't love Bratpack. This is one of the brands that i really love. 
this brand brings you the most stylish streetwear. I cant wait to get my hands on CHEAP MONDAY! :)
and the boots of Kickers  :))
i will never forget bratpack because this one has been a part of my 2012. 

OFCOURSE, my love Chrisine Liwag and her forever successful Cravemore and our shoot.
This was the first shoot i had for cravemore. IT WAS FUN, AWESOME, & Fantastic. LOL
I will never forget this since this shoot is one of my favorites. :) Christine & Aimee, Lunchout please. I miss you guys.

Who will Forget about REX Clothing. I have ads in Crossings Department by the way! IM PROUD OF IT! LOL anyways, this shoot made an impact to my readers. This is where I gave a statement in my style. Thanks to Rex Clothing for choosing me to endorse their product. 
I will never forget this because I LOVE REX CLOTHING.
Who Can forget about my bestfriend's birthday?
I made an effort in dressing up here since it was his birthday. :) I've helped them cook, dance, and mix their grey goose drinks and many more. Toff was here also and that made it fun. i'll never forget this because i showed the world how my dancing skill works. :))

who can forget about my <3's birthday? 
What a night. this night made it clear to me that Energie was a success. :)
also this night showed me how important blogging is for me, i took photos from the beginning til the end. LOL
This is where I met Sarah, Aisa.

who can forget about SM ACCESSORIES?
This event was so awesome, that the production they made really proved how #FashionAuthority works in SM ACCESSORIES.

One of the highlights of 2012 is Glorietta Vibe, I walked the ramp and was a part of the success that the Philippines achieved in Guinness World Records. :) I feel so nervous here. LOL

Who can forget about my shoot with GERD with Bletchley?
this is one of the best shoots i've had. Shooting in a yacht is not easy as it looks like. you'll die with the heat, the unstable movement of the boat and whatelse, hmmm The awesome part here is that gerd was able to capture the best shot. I LOVE GERD, he's a talented one.

 Miko, Me, Gerd. Hippers fow life. LOL we had a shoot for MadhouseMNL, thanks Raj for choosing us. This shoot is the best. Awesome Production and very friendly people to work with. I remember eating bon chon (chops) that they served every segments of our shoot. :)) LOL this is another highlight of 2012 since it's really a pleasure to work with MADHOUSE MANILA. :)

I'll never forget this suit from Nat Manilag, One of the best designers here in Philippines. :)
it's really a pleasure to be in a suit he made. :) 

Bloggers United will always be my favorite time of the year. This is where I realized that i also have readers who love me. :) awwwww... also they were awesome people who bought clothes from my booth. i cant wait for the next BU. :) 

Again, one of the shoots that made me smile. Cravemore X GERD PEREZ
this is a simple shoot, but the outcome wasn't simple. it was amazing.
all i can say is, it's like a pre-nup shoot. loll.

My blogging family will be a part of my 2012 and many more years to come. 
this trip was more than amazing. i love these guys forever. specially NICHE. <3 that NCKAMTIC makes us feel so special everytime we're together. anyways. i miss them, :( 

This is our readers who made an effort to see us. The time where we made our happy, we bonded and stuff and gave them freebies. awesome year-ender. LOL i'll never forget this because this is our first meet & greet that turned out to become a bonding. LOL SOSY PROBLEMS. :)) What i learned this year is that you can inspire people even with the simplest things. :) Thank you to all my readers who keeps on supporting me and making me feel special. :)

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  1. Your 2012 looks amazing!! Haha my name is on this post!! Lol =)) Have a great 2013 Mikyle! You and Dani! :)