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Wednesday, June 5, 2013


 This is the Press Launch of Superdry Watches :)
I love it. That's the only thing i can say right now.  Well, I got the Black Scuba Edition of Superdry same as with what my girlfriend's wearing. The watch is simply ME. It's in my instagram. So if you wanna see it, it's on my instagram but if you wanna see it closer, i'll be posting a picture soon. :) so anyways, the new collections of watches they have for this year is totally awesome. They're focusing on military designs. more like a commander watch or something serious. I love the leather that they have for Superdry. You know what, superdry is a respected brand. it manifactures lots of quality goods. The design is so classic that you can wear it everywhere. its an all around watch. Quality & fashion. But guess what, you'll be surpirse with the price range. Go to superdry stores and find out. :) This is a surprise for you guys. :) To be honest, I though the price range was way more than 20k, but when they told me the price of these watches.. DUDE, I CANNOT WAIT TO HAVE THEM ON MY WRIST. 
The price ranges to 4thou. :) Check the rest on their stores. Get surprised. :) 
Do you wanna get this? Tell me what you think.
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The event happened at BROZIET, German Pub. @ Shanrila Mall EDSA

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