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Monday, August 4, 2014

The Butcher Shop & Pub

I am not a food blogger, but I want to write something about this restaurant.
To start off with this write up, I want to say thank you to Raj Bay (marketing head) for having us.

Who, Who created The Butcher Shop & Pub? From What Mr.Bay told us, 2 engineers created this restaurant. Created not only the recipe, but the amazing place that you will see outside and inside the restaurant. I haven't met them but I already know that I will be amazed with the story behind this restaurant. From engineering to restaurant owners.

WHAT do they offer in The Butcher Shop & Pub? Well, They have steaks. Good steaks. For our first meal, we ordered Sirloin. But mine was Different, I ordered a sirloin with ranch sauce and of course a garlic mashed potato on the side. Second meal we had were pastas. I ordered one Aglio Olio and Dani ordered Pesto. I loved the Aglio Olio even if its a bit oily. And so after, I tried the Pesto. It was very good. I remember the pesto that my bestfriend's mom always cook. Hi Tita Nelia :) 
On my third meal, I ordered 200grams of Salt and pepper Rib Eye Steak. No sauce, no brushed ingredients. It was fantastic. That rib eye is the reason why I want to go back to that restaurant again.
For Desserts, We ordered nothing but instead ordered 2 bottles of beer for me. one local and one international brand. The local brand was called "Katipunan - Signal NO.1" Its a stout beer, I like stout beers. it is sweet. I like sweet beers. Specially the beers they have in Germany. The other bottle is Hoegaarden, This one is the German beer. When I eat steak, I drink Beer or White wine. I love white wine also. but we didnt get to order. maybe next time? :)

WHERE? The location is very nice. its wonderful and very easy to find. Here is the address 

Lane P Corner 9th Avenue, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City

What I like about this place is that it is near the parking lot. haha (but then I didn't park near the restaurant so that I can have a sweet-walking-alone-time-moment with my bubbie) HAHA

WHEN? Celebrate a night out with your friends. or even a lunch out. This place is very affordable so don't worry about the spending part.

WHY? The pictures explains everything. Try it out. I love this restaurant!

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