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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

The Holidays

It’s Christmas Day in 2 days, I bet everyone is excited! Aside from the gift giving (and receiving), one thing that makes it even more exciting is the Christmas Eve! I spend it with my family and my relatives, it makes the season even more intimate. And of course, in celebrating the birth of our savior, I think it is only appropriate to dress nice, like we always do in any other birthdays.

For Christmas Eve, I'm wearing a long sleeves button down red plaid from Lyle & Scott, it's really nice especially with the December breeze blowing at night. Matching it with my jeans I got from Zara and my black leather Chelsea boots I recently got from H&M, to make my look even warmer. Also, to keep things simple, I only chose one accessory that would go best with my outfit, my 42-20 Chrono watch from Nixon.

How you dress isn't the only thing important this season, we should always remember what we're celebrating and who we're celebrating it for.

Happy holidays, everyone!!!

(Outfit Details: Red Plaid Button Down, Lyle&Scott. Jeans, ZARA. Shoes, H&M. Watch, Nixon.)

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