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Monday, January 12, 2015

Nixon Timeteller P Giveaway

Meet my Nixon TimetellerP :)

Back when I was a kid, I used to stare and dream abot Nixon watches. I always asked my mom for one but she told me that I was too young to own one, specially that the watches I like are the expensive ones. On the Christmas of 2008, my mom got me a Nixon timeteller P. Color red with black interface. It was the best present ever, but After months of wearing it, I lost it. I did cry, not because it was my dream watch but because my mom gave it to me. I did try to save to buy my own Nixon watch but I didn't succeed. So I waited and waited until I grew older, I bought my first 51-30 Chrono from Nixon when I was 21. It's matte black. And then got a 42-20 Chrono when I turned 22 last July. I'm excited to buy a new watch from Nixon. And now, I want you to experience how it feels to have your dream watch, since you all have been asking me if I will have a Nixon Watch giveaway, I want to answer you now, YES! Join my giveaway and get the chance to win a Nixon TimetellerP.

1. Follow @mikylequizon and @NixonCommune on Instagram.
2. Repost the photo on your Instagram & Twitter account and tag us.
3. Caption the photo with the hashtag #SDgiveaway #StyleDivision2015

I will announce the winner on January 26, 2015. Via www.mikylequizon.com

Make sure to join now! Goodluck!
Thank you for always supporting StyleDivision2015!
Happy new year! 


  1. Nice! I love the color! Simple and Clean! I'm going to join now.

  2. Nice. This is a perfect gift to my boyfriend for our anniversary and his birthday. <3

    my twitter account: jj_sgdlls

  3. So who's the lucky winner? Fingers crossed that it will be me! :D