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Sunday, March 15, 2015

Manic Monday

Before this day ends, I just want to share you guys this favorite look of mine that was also featured on the February 2015 issue of GarageMagazine. This is my Monday Look. 
So many of you are asking how my Monday goes or what my Monday is like, Well, I make sure that we set my meetings with brands every monday, why? It's the start of the week and of course I want to think of less problems, That's why I make sure that my Mondays are packed with work. So that by the end of the week, I have nothing else to worry about. I am the type of person who over thinks (Unfortunately, I do it a lot) but there's nothing wrong with that because it pushes me to work harder. 
This is my chosen look when attend my business meetings. 
Style Tips:
1. You have to be confident when you attend your business meetings that why for me, the best way to build your confidence is to wear a Long sleeve shirt with a collar.

2. You really don't have to look formal unless you'll be signing a contract with a brand. 

3. Wear a cologne.

4. Always prepare yourself before the meeting starts. You have to know the subject so you have to familiarize yourself with details.

5. First impressions last. 

Try this look and let me know if this works for you! 

(Outfit Details: Plaid Shirt, H&M. Trousers, ZARA. Shoes, ZARA. Frames, 9Five (@eyedeology). Watch, NIXON.)

Thank you for always supporting #StyleDivision2015

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