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Monday, March 23, 2015

SM Shoe City

Addicted to shoes? I bet this store will look like heaven to you. Last month, the team of SM Shoe City Invited me to visit their Men's Shoe City (located inside the SM Makati's Department Store). 
What I expected to see was brands that I am familiar with specially that I grew up buying my shoes in SM Dept. Stores, but I was wrong. It was my first time to see the renovated SM Department Store in SM Makati and it felt like I was shopping somewhere else, the store is amazing. You will get that modern feel. It has a Minimalist design/vibe that will make shopping easier for you. I was going around the whole department store and to be honest, it was so neat that I could find everything that I am looking for without asking any help. That's how I like to shop. The top floor is the SM Shoe City, I expected a new look and same minimalist design as the 1 to 3rd floor, but I was wrong again, It was better than what I've expected. As a shoe collector, I've been amazed by different kinds of store design concepts. But with SM Shoe City, all I can really say is that they really did a good job. From the way they designed the whole floor, up to the brands of footwear they chose to sell. I will name few brands just to get you hyped and excited. 
- Bristol -
- New Balance -
- Saucony -
- Florsheim -
- Timberland-
- Supra -
- Sperry -
- Vans -
- Converse -
- Salvatore Mann -
- Milanos -
- Nike -
- Adidas -
& Many MORE. Literally MORE.

 Expect the place to be bigger than you think, but don't worry because there will be a sales representative who will guide you and help you all through out your shopping. SM Shoe City is definitely an experience for me to remember. So when you're in Manila, make sure to visit and shop at SM Shoe City.

(Outfit Details : Top, Lyle&Scott. Inner top, Cotton On. Jogger, Topman. Shoes, Converse. Watch, Jean Richards. Eyewear, SUPER.)

Photos Taken By: Kelly Medina

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