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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Meeting Elentra.

I grew up loving cars. I was killing time in my lolo's auto supply every summer to earn money. Playing with "Hot wheels" was my normal play time, until I started to collect them. I was addicted with customizing cars from the Need For Speed games. I was a Fast & the Furious Geek. Until one day, I stole the car keys from our house and asked our driver to teach me how to drive.

A day after, my lolo called me. He asked me why I wanted to learn driving, and I said "I want to be Vin Diesel.". He didn't want me to drive because I wasn't old enough, but I still practiced behind his back. I know it wasn't the right thing to do, but I really wanted to learn. When I got my license, he asked me why I was using the car. then I showed him my ID. I saw the proud look in his face, maybe because I chose to man up rather than to be stuck somewhere and learn nothing? So I showed him that I drive. In the car, He said something that I will never forget. He was lecturing me with things about car, how to manage, how to take care of it,  how to deal with it and stuff, then he said "Look for a car that rides smoother than your bed, or if not, close to it." then I laughed because as a kid, driving was the only important thing to me, i didn't care about the comfort, design, space, or even the specific details of refilling the cooling tank with coolant water or etc. I just wanted to drive and gas up. After years of driving, I encountered some accidents like accidentally driving with a flat tire, overheating, battery expiring, headlight and taillight malfunction and many more. That's where I was able to recall all his lessons and thank him for that. but I still didn't get what the comfort was about. How will you know if the car is comfortable? is it with the space, ride or what?

To be honest, I just figured out what comfort was all about when I drove this All new Hyundai Elantra. I am giving 10 out of 10 stars to this car. Why? Comfort should number 1 in your criteria, and with Elantra, you will feel that the car is taking care of you. From the seats, down to the smoothness of the ride. Everything is just perfect. Elantra is a sedan that I will recommend for young adults like me. It is one of the best cars I've driven. Definitely one for the books. Imagine having the Tucson, but in a smaller version. The gas consumption of this car is amazing, I had it with it's tank full for a week without having to gas up. I'm saving up for one. I can't wait to get my hands on this blue Hyundai Elantra again. You will find Style + Comfort in this all new Elantra.

Thank you so much Hyundai for letting me test drive the all  new Elantra.
visit www.hyundai.ph/ to know more about the specs. 
Thank you @kurtbringas for the photo.

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