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Thursday, April 2, 2015

Flash Back Friday (Part 1)

This is when I wanted to look rugged. Now if you're in this phase, make sure to wear things with boots. It'll make your outfit edgier. 


Flash Back Friday. Cheers to my life in the Blogging business, Before I discovered my style, I tried out so many trends just to know what I am comfortable with wearing, and these days were the starting days. I want to share this personal photos to everyone that read my blog since day one because you guys are the ones who inspired me to become hardworking. These are my Mid-Career photos on www.mikylequizon.com when I started. Ofcourse, I wanted also to look back on my style when I was daring. 
My style matured together with my readers. I remember starting with my hair so long and my style so...... unknown. but it's all good because it was a part of my career which lead me to love my job and where I am now. So if you have a blog, take risks and love what you're doing because one of these days, you'll be the one who will inspire the people to love and appreciate fashion. Now, if it's your first time to check out my blog, Thank you so much for visiting and I hope you enjoy reading my world. 

Remember the time when the Classic Jordan's were in that everyone has them? This is the part where I wanted everything so bad but didn't had he money to buy cause it was expensive. :)) 

Plaid was the in thing. Until now it is, but back in this photo.. you'll see me wearing it like I will haunt for food.

I love shirt that has minimal prints. like this. Why? I can wear it with any outfit that I want. So be smart and make sure to spend for something that you can use forever.

Leather Jackets. Damn. If only i can have it all, this is the part where I only wanted to wear nothing but all the leather jackets that I find. It's when I started to mix casual pieces into semi-formal pieces. 

Thank you for visiting my page. There will be a part 2 for my Flash Back Friday.
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